01 May, 2006

My Month of May Resolution # 2

UWYH - Month of May

Calm and collected I am sitting at my computer and musing about whether or not. But yes, May will be the “Use What You Have” month of mine.

With all the preparation for my Redwork UFO list I looked through my stash and fell in love again with so much of the stuff I collected – and have not been using. Remembering all my enthusiam and motivation when finding that special red fabric tape, the umpteens copper monogram stencil or the vintage baskets that would look so beautiful once I touched them up with a little new fabric lining.... And then it was neetly stored with all the other stuff on my stash shelfs and forgotten.

Now I bought enough of the embroidery thread in that special color I need for Jayne’s quilt on Saturday. Got my last fix of fleamarket “need to have” this week-end and couldn’t help but had to buy two beautiful vintage “Überhandtücher” on an antique market on the last day of April.

Überhandtuch - Dutch Girl with Umbrella - Detail

Überhandtuch - Dutch Girls with Tiles

But this is it. It is May 1st and until the very last day of this month I will use what I have and only what I already have...

I know I will not be able to finish all of my UFO that way. There is not enough batting for the Redwork quilts I want to work on but then I haven’t finished the stitching anyway and with 7 UFOs to work on and off I am sure I won’t be left without something to do just because I wont’ buy anything new this month, right?

And revisiting the long “lost” stash collection will be fun and help clearing “the clutter”. There is so much stuff I just know I won’t ever use so it will also be a month of eBay and this years first fleamarket visit as a “vendor”. Yes, it is time to “release” some things.

Thank you Simple Sparrow for this inspiration.

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katiejayinpa said...

This is a wonderful resolution.I took the same one at the beginning of the year, but in reference to other things that i had just so much of! I was able to succeed in that too, but now it is time for me also to do as you are doing and tackle the stack of UFO's. When I made my flickr site, i realized that all I was able to post was ufo's! So, you will inspire me . Will you be posting your finished things here as the month progresses?