25 November, 2006

My new etsy shop RedworkInGermany.etsy.com


A little over a year ago I got my etsy account as I wanted to open my own etsy shop and just didn't find the time or - more truthfully - the courage to set it up.

But then, this year was the second time I offered my Redwork on a local craft fair and the positive feedback on my work was so encouraging I finally "opened" my shop, albeit very small...

Schokoladenmädchen Pattern Kit
La Belle Chocolatiere - Redwork embroidery kit
available in my new etsy shop RedworkInGermany.etsy.com

The set has my original embroidery pattern I created based on the painting “Das Schokoladenmädchen / La Belle Chocolatiere" from Étienne Liotard (1744/45).

The original painting by the way can be admired at the Gemäldegalerie alter Meister in Dresden.

The Redwork pattern is pre-printed on a piece of white cotton that perfectly fits the wooden frame which is also part of the set as well as the embroidery floss I used for my version of the Redwork piece: Anchor #1005 and an embroidery needle.

04 November, 2006

Vintage hand pieced Album Block aka Chimney Sweep Block

Vintage Album Block

This is a vintage block I bought from Jane Lury of Labors of Love at the Carrefour de Patchwork in the Val d’Argent a few years ago. Again, as usual, it was the red&white color combination that made me notice it. But I also really liked the simple and grafic block pattern.

Back in Germany I started to research the pattern a bit and found some very nice quilts on the web pieced with this block pattern.

A beautiful example –

and the one I liked most…guess why… - can be found in an an article on the Quilt History site, which is by the way a great source if you are interested in vintage quilts!

Another example of a beautiful Album Quilt is on the RMSC site

As with quilt projects and me it take ages before I am ready to start. Sometimes I think the research and planning of a project is what I love most about this craft…However, I want to use the vintage block in my quilt and so far I haven’t found “the” idea, yet.

Nevertheless, I keep looking for Album Block Quilts and already marked a few sites with the pattern piecing instructions to be ready to go when I am ready to start…

If you find out more about this block pattern please let me know.....

Hand piecing detail of the Album Block aka Chimney Sweep Block

Album Block Back Piecing Detail