27 May, 2009

Giveaway Day

May Giveaway Day

I went to the “Holländische Stoffmarkt” which happened to be in Frankfurt the other day. A “travelling” fabric market with lots of colorful, mainly clothing fabrics but also quite a few patchwork fabrics and notions, too. As I did not plan to go there I had almost no cash (lucky me ;-) ) on me, though I would have loved to buy that striking red linen not really need but sooo nice to have…

Where I did stop to buy – and sadly I really had barely just enough to buy two pieces of fabric - was at the booth of Kiseki – Stoffe aus Japan - authentic Japanese fabric only, in beautiful colors and texture. My photos do not do them justice, at all. The owner, Juliane Reichenbach, was so very nice to even reduce the price for one of the fabrics for me as I literarily gave her my last cents. Though it wasn’t expensive just me being absolutely broke and not ATM near that market…

Kiseki Japanische Stoffe - Table at Holländischer Stoffmarkt Frankfurt 2

Kiseki Japanische Stoffe - Table at Holländischer Stoffmarkt Frankfurt

Pink Bunny Fabric - kiseki  Stoffe aus Japan

I choose a pink – of all colors – rabbit print and the dark blue “rabbit on the moon” panel with 12 picture blocks. Juliane Reichenbach was selling the picture blocks individually but other women were faster than me and had already snatched away the ones I wanted. That is why I bought from the bold got all the rabbits I wanted plus six I know I will not use in my project.

Blue Rabbit in the moon my favourite prints - Kiseki Japanische Stoffe

Here comes in the blogland giveaway Sew, Mama Sew is hosting and as I “registered” last minute I don’t know for sure I am on her list at least I think I’m — if not, then I’m having a giveaway anyway.

Giveaway Rabbit Blocks!

Blue Rabbit in the moon fabric panels - Asian fabrics Kiseki Japanische Stoffe

Just write a comment and if you have add the address, url etc. of your source for Japanese fabric around the world. I will draw a “winner” from all that left a comment.

Here is my source…

Kiseki – Japanische Stoffe
Juliane Reichenbach
Sredzkistraße 47
10435 Berlin
Tel.: 0173/6141305

I am posting a few hours early as I will be at work at the appointed posting time here in Germany and yes, I will ship internationally for free – it’s worth the fun of participating in the Giveaway day. Can’t wait to visit all the blogs listed…