15 May, 2007

little red and white doll quilt

Something different, not exactly Redwork though I added a few running stitches in red just like aviva_hadas suggested.

Doll Quilt


Inspired by the doll and miniature quilts of the doll quilt swap I created my own version. The progess with such a small quilt is amazing only two nights and all hand piecing, basting and the first quilting lines were finished. If only my other project would go so fast. Now I wished it would grow into a big quilt all by itself…..

My little doll quilt as a WIP after two nights.

WIP -  Doll Quilt

06 May, 2007

Liebst du der Rose Pracht hab'auf die Dornen acht.


My latest fleamarket treasure. It is very old, way to delicate to really use and I am afraid it could break from displaying it alone. But I love it.

The German text reads if you love the rose’s beauty be aware of the thorns.

It has all the marks of its age, the dayly use and the fequent washing. Threadbare and already loosing a few of its Redwork stitches it still is simply beautiful.

I took this photo in front of a window to show how thin the fabric of this Redwork piece is. The darker parts are done in traditional embroidery with white floss. And you can see a few Redwork lines are already missing.


Here are a few photos where you can see the different stiches in white floss used in this redwork piece.

Detail - Text

Detail - Rose & Stem

Detail - Stem & Ribbon

Detail - Head

Detail - Dress & Fan

Detail - Bag

Detail - Butterfly

If you want to re-create the piece here is the pattern I traced from the original.