13 August, 2016

Day#2 ::30 Days :: of Quilt Design

Day#2 design "Basics" for the #30DaysofQuiltDesign by @stitchedincolor and @GothamQuilt on Instagram.

This is a shameless red & white copy of the beautiful seersucker design by Corinne Sovey on sunshine.handcraft.

10 August, 2016

:: 30 Days :: of Quilt Design

A red&white quilt design inspired by the artwork of Debra M Smith (I love her White / Red series pieced with vintage silk kimono fabrics) and the Fine Line Log Cabin Quilt on Purl Soho's Website.

I would like to make a quilt that looks like a improvised pencil drawing just in red and white.


Day#1 "FineLineRed&WhiteQuilt" for #30DaysofQuiltDesign by @stichedincolor and @GothamQuilts