19 July, 2009

"Roses from the Heart" - the Bonnet Project by Christina Henri


I love conceptual art – is that what it is called? – where there is a story behind it; something that triggered the artist's interest to create something or to enable others to create, to bring people together, make people think and talk and in some cases act themselves, contribute to the art work, spread the word and make a change, challenge a myth or believe or as with the the Bonnet Project help remember and honor  - the 25.556 convict women Great Britain deported to Australia between 1788 and 1853.

Christina Henri's textile art project "Roses from the heart"  touched me when I first read about it in the "Inspiration" Issue No. 51 (an Australian embroidery magazine) in 2006. I went to the quoted website www.femalefactory.com.au read about the female factory's history and found the links to the convict files with all the women's names published to  make us and especially the convict women's descendants and Australians in general remember them. Remember their names, their suffering and cruel life in that then unknown county and most of all acknowledge  their contribution to help settle Australia.

It has been a different time then which might explains though it does not excuse what has been done to them, how they were treated and how many of them and especially of their innocent children had to die. Even more so as they have been shunned for all those years; that is what Christina Henri's project will change.

From what I read in this years July edition of British Patchwork & Quilting, 2 years later "Roses from the heart" has become an international project with people from UK, Ireland, USA and Canada as well as New Zealand, and from  Africa, and the European Countries Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden taking part. Not all of the 25.556 bonnets have been created yet. It shows what a vast number it really is.

If you want to take part and contribute Bonnets go to http://www.femalefactory.com.au/FFRG/fffdb.htm#Records find a relative among those convict women or "adopt" one and make a bonnet in her name. The free bonnet template and sewing instruction can be found on http://www.femalefactory.com.au/exhibit.htm#henri or on Christina Henri's website. There you can also find where to send them and when and where they will be displayed.

In 2010 an installation of at least 10.000 bonnets is planned for the "The Festival of Quilts" in Birmingham, UK  (aka Birmingham Quilt Festival).

Let "Roses from the heart" grow all over "blogland"…

08 July, 2009

Copycat Quilt Block Sampler

4 1/2" blocks of solid red and white fabric, not patterned, no batiks


The rules for myself – which I will try to follow as best as I can – are:

The "master" must be a red and white design; can be of any material, style etc. except it must not be from a quilt or an existing quilt block!

Any magazine ad, leaflet or flyer, painting, web layout, sculpture, building etc. will do, as long as it is

  1. red & white

  2. I like it ;-) and

  3. it can be transferred into a quilt block – pieced and/or appliquéd with  a dash of Redwork now and then

Small alterations and layout changes are ok…


Block number 1 – DenkDramen

Based on a  flyer from the theater in Frankfurt  "Schauspiel Frankfurt"  from 2006


PDF: Block number 1 – DenkDramen

01 June, 2009

Giveaway Day giveaway given away and Japanese fabric sources listed...

Random.org tells me that out of my 184 comments commentoresse # 75 is the lucky winner....so, Abigail please send me your snailmail adress via e-mail and I can mail the bunnies to you.
A big thank you to Sew, Mama Sew for hosting this fun event, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you to all of you for your comments on my Giveaway Day post and the many sources for Japanese fabric you shared. I put a list of your sources together for all of us and hope you will enjoy browsing the links as much as I did.

Japanese fabric sources

Etsy shops selling Japanese fabric:
Oriental Fabrics (currently closed)
Sweet flavor Japanese Fabric Collection
This and That from Japan
Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies
choki choki fabric's Shop
zickezacke's Shop
atelier ~ *sonatine*~ Books & Favorites

For my own convinience I also put together a list of all commentors websides/blogs which I also want to share with you. I will go back to them over next weeks to browse their blogs with a lot more time on hands:

Notjustnat http://notjustnat.blogspot.com/
Susan http://homespunquilts.blogspot.com/
Wyldhare http://wyldhare.typepad.com/
Jessica boken link
eriamaude broken link
Terri http://sew-fantastic.blogspot.com/
her sew fantastic etsy shop:
two hippos http://2hippos.blogspot.com/
Alissa http://sewcrastination.blogspot.com/
Wendymoon http://wendymoondesigns.blogspot.com/
M Broken link
Jen http://sewandsox.blogspot.com/
Flikr groups she admins
Denyse Schmidt Quilts
Two-Color Quilts
SewStylishSimplicity Sewing Patterns
Robin (rsislandcrafts)
and co-member of “Hexagon quilt along 2” :
sister group to
lesley http://smidgebox.blogspot.com/
Digital Misfit http://myhidingplaceincyberspace.blogspot.com/Ahfat http://fat-connection.blogspot.com/
and her etsy shop for Japanese fabrics:
Jerri said...
skippedydoodah http://skippedydoodah.wordpress.com/
melonkelli http://www.blogger.com/profile/06080442247554513843
KitKnitty http://www.kitknitty.com/
Rikke http://www.blogger.com/profile/15720657260263743229 Danmark – lots of blogs
Athereal no linked
mom2three http://homewithchristine.blogspot.com/
Raspberry http://threadbythread.blogspot.com/
ikkinlala http://www.blogger.com/profile/04832919596884346022
RachelJ broken link
andrea creates http://andreacreates.blogspot.com/
affectioknit http://affectioknit.blogspot.com/
Nicole broken link
Shanny http://careytimes.blogspot.com/
Lisa broken link
LFinn http://lfinndesigns.blogspot.com/
Baba http://babasfarmlife.blogspot.com/
emilyflippinmaruna http://emilyflippinmaruna.wordpress.com/
The Shumate Family http://daciastampinup.blogspot.com/
Dolores http://truebluecanadian.blogspot.com/
Eema-le http://weebeaks.blogspot.com/
Tanya http://weebeaks.blogspot.com/
langlangcreations http://langlangcreations.blogspot.com/
Sara http://quiltededge.com/
lindaschiffer http://www.seminolelinda.typepad.com/fiber_and_pulp
TracyC Link broken
awaytome http://awaytome.wordpress.com/
no4daughter http://www.blogger.com/profile/04814571463349045695
BKelly http://bkellysblog.blogspot.com/
Alyssa http://wordsandwool.wordpress.com/
Ginger http://giveawaysihaveknown.blogspot.com/
Lucy C http://alittlebitofsugar.com/ great links in your “link love::arts and crafts” http://alittlebitofsugar.com/2009/05/26/link-love-arts-and-crafts
Mommyof2girlz http://apocketfullofbuttons.blogspot.com/ Sarah http://sarah-hellodesigns.blogspot.com/
toblerhaus http://toblerhaus.livejournal.com/
Lane http://suremaybesometimes.blogspot.com/
Anonymous no link
The Zoo Keeper-ette http://www.blogger.com/profile/16662999601953489829
Leigh http://spadbarn.blogspot.com/
Robin http://coldpizzaforbreakfast.blogspot.com/
Sara http://www.saraisabee.com/
junglewife http://junglewifesarah.blogspot.com/
Mindy http://thangsandstuff.blogspot.com/
Y http://www.blogger.com/profile/07209450857488644112
Mary Beth Magee http://mbiscooking.blogspot.com/
Tina http://quiltingforenjoyment.blogspot.com/
trashalou said...
Amanda http://oiwhite.blogspot.com/
The Butterfly Mom http://thebutterflymom.blogspot.com/
White Way to Light http://theheronfamily.blogspot.com/http://jijidesigns.blogspot.com/http://myamazinglifenow.blogspot.com/
carmel http://mellowisme.blogspot.com/
.girl ferment. http://girlferment.blogspot.com/
MonFilRouge http://monfilrouge.blogspot.com/
tara http://atelierdetara.canalblog.com/
hcotten http://www.blogger.com/profile/14591460365326626789
amber http://remembering-who-i-am.blogspot.com/
Abigail http://teacupjoy.blogspot.com/
Sarah http://www.blogger.com/profile/05873108804346479120
Lottie http://notknottylottie.blogspot.com/
Jessica Broken link
Hootie http://hootieshappenings.blogspot.com/
Christy http://sweettidings.blogspot.com/
jglitter http://kickymckicky.blogspot.com/
Belltree Family http://belltrees.blogspot.com/
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Kaye Prince http://miss-print.blogspot.com/
lahuitrefrite http://www.blogger.com/profile/14879378967127747228
Tiff http://a1024by768view.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Ladd http://jenniferladdhandmade.blogspot.com/
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Featherglen http://featherglen.blogspot.com/
Nik http://www.onestraypea.com/
Beautiful Orchid http://belleorchidee.blogspot.com/
bethany http://www.blogger.com/profile/02735358098367434212
Robyn http://manypots.blogspot.com/
Andreae Prozesky http://withthecrickets.blogspot.com/
Bowlby http://kakorner.blogspot.com/
Kris http://monsterknit.blogspot.com/
Amy http://www.blogger.com/profile/08408564814615486992
Tahttp://wpgstreetteam.blogspot.com/ny http://tawnykw.blogspot.com/
krousegirl broken link
Bonnita http://pacificnorthwestknitter.blogspot.com/
Richelle http://richellesreflections.blogspot.com/
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Lavinia http://laviniacm.blogspot.com/
Michele http://www.blogger.com/profile/03818538206025241695
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Serena http://memgirl.blogspot.com/ You have links to some great tutorials on your blog
Polka Dot Daze http://polka-dot-daze.blogspot.com/
Tanya http://www.blogger.com/profile/11348847780442947633
Cassie http://theaandsami.blogspot.com/ liked the link to the screen printed fabric source on your blog: http://www.thea-sami.com.au/printednaturalfabrics.html
Megan http://nadaletfam.blogspot.com/
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27 May, 2009

Giveaway Day

May Giveaway Day

I went to the “Holländische Stoffmarkt” which happened to be in Frankfurt the other day. A “travelling” fabric market with lots of colorful, mainly clothing fabrics but also quite a few patchwork fabrics and notions, too. As I did not plan to go there I had almost no cash (lucky me ;-) ) on me, though I would have loved to buy that striking red linen not really need but sooo nice to have…

Where I did stop to buy – and sadly I really had barely just enough to buy two pieces of fabric - was at the booth of Kiseki – Stoffe aus Japan - authentic Japanese fabric only, in beautiful colors and texture. My photos do not do them justice, at all. The owner, Juliane Reichenbach, was so very nice to even reduce the price for one of the fabrics for me as I literarily gave her my last cents. Though it wasn’t expensive just me being absolutely broke and not ATM near that market…

Kiseki Japanische Stoffe - Table at Holländischer Stoffmarkt Frankfurt 2

Kiseki Japanische Stoffe - Table at Holländischer Stoffmarkt Frankfurt

Pink Bunny Fabric - kiseki  Stoffe aus Japan

I choose a pink – of all colors – rabbit print and the dark blue “rabbit on the moon” panel with 12 picture blocks. Juliane Reichenbach was selling the picture blocks individually but other women were faster than me and had already snatched away the ones I wanted. That is why I bought from the bold got all the rabbits I wanted plus six I know I will not use in my project.

Blue Rabbit in the moon my favourite prints - Kiseki Japanische Stoffe

Here comes in the blogland giveaway Sew, Mama Sew is hosting and as I “registered” last minute I don’t know for sure I am on her list at least I think I’m — if not, then I’m having a giveaway anyway.

Giveaway Rabbit Blocks!

Blue Rabbit in the moon fabric panels - Asian fabrics Kiseki Japanische Stoffe

Just write a comment and if you have add the address, url etc. of your source for Japanese fabric around the world. I will draw a “winner” from all that left a comment.

Here is my source…

Kiseki – Japanische Stoffe
Juliane Reichenbach
Sredzkistraße 47
10435 Berlin
Tel.: 0173/6141305

I am posting a few hours early as I will be at work at the appointed posting time here in Germany and yes, I will ship internationally for free – it’s worth the fun of participating in the Giveaway day. Can’t wait to visit all the blogs listed…

14 March, 2009

Dear Jane© quilts by the quilt group “Dancing Hands” from Osnabrück

A group of eleven women with a love for hand stitching and piecing finished their version of that quilt in (only) three years. I envy them for their beautiful finished quilts – but then “the journey is its own reward”, isn’t’ it. Especially with that quilt.

All the stories prompted by that quilt about our small and big (piecing) problems, our own and fellow quilter’s achievements and little lapses lets us learn from each other by sharing our quilt block’s pictures, stories and tutorials while travelling our own (colour) roads with our own special (little big) quilt.

Just as the “Dancing Hands” quilter we all work with the same pattern and in the end will hopefully have created just as beautiful and yet so individual quilts

The quilts were on display in the Bachsaal of the Christuskirche in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, at the 3. Main Quiltfestival; 350 km away from the “Dancing Hands” hometown Osnabrück in Northern Germany.

Thank you for showing us your fantastic work.


"Dear Janes little sister" by Ulrike Knickrehm,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Kaffe Fassett meets Dear Jane"
by Isa Rode Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Red Roses" by Manuela Miete,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Multicolor" by Heike Lampe,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Janes Blumengarten" by Frauke Gamm,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands",Osnabrück


"Ulrikes Original" by Ulrike Kopsch,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Herbst" by Margret Menkhaus
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


Grey Quilt "unknown title" by Brigitte Müller,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück
(if you know the title please let me know I did not take a proper photo of the label, sorry)


"unkown title" by Annelies Willen,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück
(if you know the title please let me know I did not take a proper photo of the label, sorry)