14 March, 2009

Dear Jane© quilts by the quilt group “Dancing Hands” from Osnabrück

A group of eleven women with a love for hand stitching and piecing finished their version of that quilt in (only) three years. I envy them for their beautiful finished quilts – but then “the journey is its own reward”, isn’t’ it. Especially with that quilt.

All the stories prompted by that quilt about our small and big (piecing) problems, our own and fellow quilter’s achievements and little lapses lets us learn from each other by sharing our quilt block’s pictures, stories and tutorials while travelling our own (colour) roads with our own special (little big) quilt.

Just as the “Dancing Hands” quilter we all work with the same pattern and in the end will hopefully have created just as beautiful and yet so individual quilts

The quilts were on display in the Bachsaal of the Christuskirche in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, at the 3. Main Quiltfestival; 350 km away from the “Dancing Hands” hometown Osnabrück in Northern Germany.

Thank you for showing us your fantastic work.


"Dear Janes little sister" by Ulrike Knickrehm,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Kaffe Fassett meets Dear Jane"
by Isa Rode Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Red Roses" by Manuela Miete,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Multicolor" by Heike Lampe,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Janes Blumengarten" by Frauke Gamm,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands",Osnabrück


"Ulrikes Original" by Ulrike Kopsch,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


"Herbst" by Margret Menkhaus
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück


Grey Quilt "unknown title" by Brigitte Müller,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück
(if you know the title please let me know I did not take a proper photo of the label, sorry)


"unkown title" by Annelies Willen,
Quiltgroup "Dancing Hands", Osnabrück
(if you know the title please let me know I did not take a proper photo of the label, sorry)


Mickie said...

They are beautiful! Thank you for posting the pics! Very inspring!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful DJ's ! Happy to see that you are posting again !

Notjustnat said...

The quilts are very inspiring and I even thought of finishing mine soon. Thanks for sharing them with us. Welcome back to blogland, you have been missed - Natima

C said...

To Redwork in Germany - I tried to email your flickr account, but you've blocked me (Whimsy Doodles) so I couldn't reply to your flickr mail to me, so here is my response:

I'm sorry you chose to block your photos from me because I certainly enjoyed seeing them and found them very inspiring. The reason I have not shared anything yet is because I'm new to flickr. I just discovered it a few months ago and have been spending my time looking at all the loveliness and haven't had time yet to upload the things I want to share. So I haven't "blocked" anything, I just haven't uploaded yet.
Whimsy Doodles

Meredith said...

Glad to see your back!! Have you gone to see the original? It is lovely to see in person.

Elaine said...

Glad to see you posting. Your redwork has been and inspiration for me.

Lynn S said...

I have missed seeing your redwork so very, very much! What a thrill to see you are posting and sharing again!!

Jeanne said...

What a collection of gorgeous quilts! Thanks so much for sharing the photots.

Aunt Spicy said...

Gosh, such gorgeous quilts! Thank you so much for sharing! I have had your site bookmarked for years because I am so inspired by it!

Isa said...

Such beautiful quilts!

annaitto said...

They are beautiful!!!!

Mary Ann said...

What gorgeous Baby Janes!!!
I especially love the Kaffe Fassett version...I'm actually making a Jane Meets Kaffe myself!!
I'm up to 23 blocks just now, but am also hand-quilting my CW Jane!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Mary Ann in Denmark

karenfae said...

what wonderful works they are!! I have just finished the quilting on my Dear Jane and now I need to get the binding on it!