01 May, 2006

My Month of May Resolution # 1

The RedworkStitchers UFO Frenzy

“...An UFO is a project that is either 1. started or 2. you have all the necessary items in your home to start and complete the project. It is not an idea you have of something you want to stich with no supplies in your home. The idea is to try and get some of our ufo's completed so that we can start new ones without feeling guilty....”

We have been joking about the Queen of UFO in our group with fellow members admitting 60 + unfinished projects and I was so sure I could come up with only a hand full of UFOs, if at all. Oh boy, was I wrong! When we got serious about this Linda (Listowner) asked us to start preparing an UFO list and at the end I had 18 item on my sheet of paper. And that are 18 unfinished Redwork projects only. Not counting the work in progess or other none Redwork projects... And can you believe it, while going through my stash sorting through material I might need for finally finishing all those UFOs I came across another few like there is an UFO nest somewhere in my appartment happyly producing more guild riding work.

Redwork UFO Frenzy

Now, the Redwork UFOs I am going to work on - to finally finish them - I put down in our group’s tracking database. Linda called for 10 projects maximum, I reduced my goal to 7, keeping in mind that I really do not want to neglect my WIPs – no way I am postponing my work on Jayne’s Quilt in favour of some UFOs! I want this to work and have fun doing it not beeing frustrated by the sheer amount of things I “must” do and in the end giving up .

There will be a virtual Redwork frenzy; everyone is asked to work on their UFOs and post on that day respectivly week-end what they are working on, what needs to be done etc. To keep each other on track and motivated. Once an UFO is completed that memorable date will be added to the track database. Oh and being the wounderful ListMum she is, Linda will send reminders which leave no excuse to forget about a frenzy...

Just as I am writng this my radio plays Gloria Gayners “I will survive” for me, love this song yeah now I know i will succeed... Go now go, la lalala...

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QueenConch said...

I have so many unfinished things to get done as well but seem to put them on hold whenever there's a sunny day and I can get out in the garden!(But I suppose I'm getting things done out there too!)