16 April, 2006

Pattern Research

I have very limited sources to research the pattern other than the internet. A great book I own is the "Red & White American Redwork Quilts" from Deborah Harding (ISBN 0-8478-2244-3)". Here I found quite a few of the nursery rhyme e.g. "Mother Goose" pattern Jayne's and Barb's grandmother used for her quilt.

Page 124 - Red & White American Redwork Quilts

According to Deborah Harding's book the nursery rhyme pattern originally are from the pre-stamped blocks series-A and series-D sold by the "Victoria Quilt Block Company". However, while retracing the pattern I found too many little differences between the blocks and the "original", therefore I doubt Jayne's and Barb's grandmother used the pre-stamped fabric blocks. Maybe she traced them from a cataloque or another quilt...


QueenConch said...

These are soooo beautifully done, I'm proud to have you reproducing the quilt. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed your 4 days off

Anonymous said...

just a note the prestamped nursery blocks were based on well known book illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith.