17 April, 2006

Deedle, Deedle Dumpling

Second Block- Deedle Deedle Dumpling

The second block I finished is one of the pattern that must have been inspired by the Series-A set of the nursery rhyme pre-printed blocks of the Victoria Quilt Block Company.
But as the littel detail stitches e.g. on his buttom and his back are not part of the original pre-printed pattern I assume that Jayne's and Barb grandmother did not use the pre-printed pattern itself...


Gwendolen said...

Hello...I am the great granddaughter of the creator of the quilt. This is so exciting! I love your work, you are incredibly talented and its amazing to see Grandad's quilt come to life again...from across the world no less! Have a great Easter weekend! xoxox!

Barb said...

We are so thrilled that the recreation of this quilt is in your hands. This is an amazing story that is unfolding! Danke schon.