03 May, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood (finished in 2008)

red riding hood - the brothers grimm household tales quilt


Chinese Red cotton for the wolf medallion, the little red riding hood's hood and the border, linen in five different shades of white for the appliqué one shade of white for every layer of the picture. 5 different shades of beige for the vertical linen panel and all the different shade of white I could find in my cotton stash for the horizontal panel of little squares.

In the end the details did not really show up in the finished quilt but as long as I know they are there….

White cotton, beige linen and the Chinese red cotton for the disappearing nine patch on the back. The quilting thread is red sulky thread 12w.

The little red riding hood appliqué is inspired by the the beautiful work of Patricia Zapata (www.alittlehut.com)


red riding hood quilt - the wolf


The beautiful work of Patricia Zapata ( a little hut) started this quilt, though it wasn't the best idea to work with linen for this appliqué adaptation of her paper wall art the fraying drove me crazy:

wip red riding hood quilt - linen applique


The finished top in front of my window with a sample block from the backing:

wip red riding hood - cover in front of window


Big bad wolf embroidery white on red (upside down on my ironing board) with the patched back showing:

wip red riding hood quilt - cover and back finished


For the back I choose this simple pattern; it is called disappearing nine patch and very easy to piece. You’ll find the perfect pattern tutorial from Helen on her blog

wip red riding hood quilt - back


Last but not least the quilting with pretty big stitches and not a fancy pattern at all. Just long even lines all over the quilt, except  for the appliqué part:

wip red riding hood quilt - quilting


Little Red Riding Hood – end of story…


Anonymous said...

Diese durchscheinende Rotkäppchenszene, dazu die Gewebestruktur, die kleinen Quadrate vor dem Fenster - das finde ich ganz wunderbar. So etwas würde ich auch gern einmal probieren. Und der Nine-Patch in rot-weiss-beige gefällt mir auch sehr gut.
Außerdem wollte ich mich noch für den Link zu dem Bonnet-Pojekt bedanken, solche Geschichten interessieren mich auch immer sehr.

Claudia said...

Ich habe mir deine Decke schon oft angeschaut und ich liebe dieses zarte Rotkäppchenbild sehr. Es ist wundervoll gelungen. Gratuliere!

Meredith said...

Thanks for the link to that tutorial. Glad to see you are posting again. I have not worked with Linen in a quilt. It turned out lovely.

Anonymous said...
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Trudy Callan said...

This is so amazing. I am in you awe of your creations. Beautiful work.


Mary Catherine said...

So lovely! Yesterday I picked up two brown linen pillow covers which I intend to embroider in a redwork fashion. Your blog is perfect for inspiration: thank you!