04 March, 2007

May I introduce Greta Lillian Rutledge

grete lillian rutledge
Jayne’s Grandmother and the quilter of her Redwork Quilt.

I have a little green cardboard box with all he finished Redwork blocks of my re-make of Jayne’s quilt. It is like a little treasure trove, by now it contains 11 of the quilt’s squares.

In a file folder I keep the patterns in all their different stages.

  • the printouts of the photo jpgs Jayne sent me from all the individual Redwork block in her quilt, for which I am ever greaful
  • my tracings on overhead films which I made from each block to act as my pattern masters that I scanned and then resized to fit the fabric squares I choose
  • and last but not least all iron-on transfers of the final pattern I made by tracing the pattern on the back of paper print-outs

I also filed all the little stories Barb send me, the mails I received on my progress and the comments that where made on the photos in my flickr photo file.

And very special pieces in my little collection are the two b&w photos Barb sent me. A potrait of Greta Lillian Rutledge which was the source for my Redwork picture you can see in this post and another b&w print showing Greta Lillian and her little son Floyd for whom she made the quilt so many years ago.


Barb said...

Oh Etja, I'm holding back tears as I write this. I can only imagine that Greta would be so proud of you, as we all are. Not only is your embroidery so incredible, but the complete story of how this all came about is truly amazing.

Jayne said...

I am so glad that I found you on Flickr where this whole incredible story has unfolded! We are all so touched by your amazing work and that you chose to reproduce the family quilt. Your work is museum quality!

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Redwork before and the striking simplicity is so beautiful. It has inspired me to take up embroidery. Thankyou for your beautiful work and the amazing story behind the heirloom quilt.