03 October, 2006

Halloween Redwork Pattern

halloween stealing the gate

I found the orginal Halloween postcard in KellyLWatson flickr file and thought it would be a very nice Redwork pattern for Halloween.

Download my original pattern in a larger size for your own Redwork project.


June said...

I've been looking for ideas for Halloween redwork, so I greatly appreciate your providing this. Thank you!

Little Mysteries said...

Thats just gorgeous! Nice job on the pattern. Thanks for sharing :-)

Barb said...

It has a wonderful vintage look to it and I love the expression on their faces!

mj said...

Hello! Just found your site through flickr- thanks for the redwork ideas. Maybe someday I'll do a quilt myself.

pat said...

benhhh rien à rajouter à tout ce qui est déjà dit..
very nice, nath...bises

Anonymous said...

I really like this very much. Thank you for sharing it.