05 July, 2006

Vintage Redwork Collection – Three Dutch Kids

This is a vintage Redwork splasher from my little collection. I like the Dutch themes on Redwork pieces. Dutch boys and girls or the “Delft” sceneries were very popular in Gemany at the turn of the last century.

Splasher - 14-10-2005

But it wasn’t only the pattern of this fleamarket find that made me buy it. This Redwork piece is very neatly stitched with only a thin sewing thread. It gives this Redwork a very delicate "line drawing" effect. Rather unusual and I haven’t seen anything like it in Redwork so far.

Three Dutch Kids - Splasher

I am always trying to find out more about my collection pieces. Up to now, I have not found the pattern source, it might have been a pre-printed pattern which were available from magazines and catalogues also in Germany;´but it could also be that someone created it herself.

What I did find out is that the pattern is a pretty close copy of a picture by the female illustrator Florence Hardy. It was published on postcards approx. 1916 or ealier and was part of a series of pictures featuring the little Dutch girls and boy in different scenes. I know that those postcard where available at least between 1913 and 1918 by the German publishing house Dondorf.

Florence Hardy - Dutch Redwork Piece


TiempoSoria said...

Wunderschön !!!!!

Lilli said...

This is wonderful. That is so great that you found this card to compare the design to :)

Tina said...

That is so neat that you found that, and the postcard does look like it! I need to get out more often LOL :)
What beautiful redwork.

Dorie said...

oh neat! The card msut be the inspiration.

fan club said...

superbe envie de rouge maintenant arrrrhhhhh